Then & Now

Carvel ice cream shop sitting on the corner of Mott Street & Bayard Street


53 Mott Street

1980 & 2020

A large crowd on the sidwalk outside the Chinese Methodist Church

Chinese Methodist Church / 紐約華埠衛理會 

69 Madison Street

1978 & 2020

A man looking very stern, standing in front of the Hok San Association

Four Blessings Studio / 四喜摄影 冲晒菲林Hok San Association

42 Mott Street

1979 & 2020

Two men walking past Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Upstairs are the offices of the Chinese & American Democratic Org

Nom Wah Tea Parlor / 南华茶室 南华制饼公司

13 Doyers Street

1976 & 2020

Quong Yee Wo Groceries storefront on the corner of Mott Street. The storefront looks as if it could be the 1930s

Quong Yee Wo Groceries / 贵夫人

 38 Mott Street

1980 & 2020

Bo Bo Restaurant / 莎莎

20 Pell Street

1980 & 2020

Cyclists lined up in front of the Manhattan Saving Bank across from the bass of the Manhattan Bridge. A two-story Chinese restaurant sits next door.

Silver Palace Restaurant / 銀宮大酒樓 and Manhattan Savings Bank building

50 Bowery

1980 & 2020

A very busy Canal Street at the Walker Triangle. The triangle is a parking lot for a group of 1970s sedans.

Walker Triangle / 龍興肉食公司 

date unknown & 2020

Hop Shing storefront with a photographer and possibly a report out front.

Hop Shing Restaurant / 合誠茶樓 (closed as of May 2020 due to Covid-19)

9 Chatham Square

1978​ & 2020


View of Bayard Street from Mott Street

date​ unknown & 2020