Fun & Games

Little kids playing with the "pagoda" telephones lining the side of the street.

Pagoda-topped phone booths with children

Bayard Street


Children hula-hooping outside of Confucius Plaza


A large group of onlookers watching kids hula hoop in Confucius Square.
A group of 7 young women goofing around and posing on a stoop.

Girls on a stoop (possibly Bayard Street)

Date unknown

Boys horsing around at Columbus Park


Three boys messing around in front of Columbus Square. One of them has been put into a wire garbage can.
5 young men along the side of the road posing with their road bikes.

Boys with bikes outside 51 Mott Street

Date unknown

Children at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, 65 Bayard Street


Two little kids leaving a Chinese ice cream store with full, hand-dipped ice cream cones.