Vanishing Storefronts

Photo from 1983 of Pearl River Mart on the corner of Canal and Broadway

Founded in Chinatown in 1971, Pearl River Mart has moved several times in its 49-year history, remaining a favored spot for fun and kitschy Asian-inspired merchandise. In addition to its current location in Tribeca, there are now additional outposts in Chelsea Market and the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA).

Pearl River Mart / 珠江国货公司 


In continuous operation at 6 Bowery from 1814 to 1982, W.M. Olliffe Apothecary was one of the oldest pharmacies in New York City.

Oliffe Pharmacy / 六号药行 and 

Hong Wah Restaurant /  鸿华饭店


Photo of W.M. Olliffe Apothecary one of the oldest pharmacies in NYC, October 6, 1982
Photo of the Wah Kue & Company Chinese book & stationary store

Small local bookstores faced the additional challenges inherent to their business model in the internet era.

Wah Kue & Co.  /  華僑書局

date unknown

Four New Shop / 四新商店 

date unknown


Bichan Books & Toys / 百成圖書玩具公司

date unknown

Food Lin Trading Company / 福聯貿易公司 

date unknown